No question is a bad question.

Our highly trained team is ready to assist you. We’ll do our best to
answer any questions you may have about the Carbingo process.

Carbingo uses traditional tools like KBB and NADA, but we also take a look at how vehicles like yours are selling across the United States to give you the best offer possible.

Your car must be in running condition.
Carbingo has a solution for this type of issue, call your Carbingo acquisition specialist for more details.
Yes, Carbingo can arrange complimentary transportation.
Yes, in most cases, but call your Carbingo acquisition specialist for more details.
Once the inspector arrives or you arrive at one of our Buying Centers it’s typically 30 minutes or less.
If everything is in order you will absolutely get paid the same day (by 5 pm or the next day if after 5pm).
If the car is free and clear you will need the title. If you are having trouble getting a title or have a payoff, someone from our title team may be able to help. You can also go to your local DMV to get a certified copy.
We call your lender and get the 20-day payoff and title information. If your offer is more than owed, lender receives a check for payoff balance and you receive a check for the difference.
A Carbingo professional will inspect your vehicle to ensure that it is in the same condition as described in your quote.

Yes. Our staff of acquisition specialists are available by phone/email or in person to discuss all the particulars about your vehicle in order to come to an agreement on the final value of your vehicle.