Save Money With a Gas-Free Road Trip

Save Money With a Gas-Free Road Trip

Electric car ownership is steadily growing, but many remain in the dark. At face value, the average electric car may seem more expensive than its gasoline counterpart. However, new variables come into play. Tax credits, gas savings, and lower maintenance costs could allow an electric car to save you thousands of dollars.

EV Maintenance Savings

With the switch over from a complicated combustion engine to a relatively more straightforward electric motor, there are fewer parts that can break and fewer parts that require frequent maintenance. With new-age features such as regenerative braking, even your brakes could last a lifetime. 

While electric vehicles are still a relatively new addition to our roads, a study by the Department of Energy has given us a good look at the cost savings associated with EV ownerships. The study examined the maintenance cost per mile between internal combustion engine cars, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric cars. 

The study found that while a traditional gasoline-powered car accrued a cost of $0.101 per mile, the average electric car only cost $0.061 per mile, an impressive 40% savings. Thanks to the difference in motors, EV owners don’t have to worry about common costly repairs:

  • Spark Plugs. Responsible for igniting the fuel within each cylinder, spark plugs need to be replaced eventually. The more cylinders your engine has, the more spark plugs you’ll need.
  • Timing Belt. While there are multiple belts in an engine, the timing belt is the most important. Responsible for syncing the various engine parts, a repair can run north of $1,000.
  • Oil Changes. With no cylinder heads needing lubrication, EV owners save both money and time.

Fuel Savings

The most common EV savings is, of course, fuel. While traditional cars sit at the forefront of rising gas prices and the constant need to refuel, EV owners save money with less frequent stops. 

With the average electric car holding more range than the average daily driver's needs, most EV owners will never have to visit a charging station. Simply plug your vehicle in overnight and wake up each morning with a full charge. In the case of an EV road trip, drivers can find readily available charging stations across most of the country.